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I was born and raised in the northern province of central Thailand where my parents began their career as a medical doctor in the city hospital after earning their PhD from a medical school in Bangkok city. Due to my parent’s busy working hours, majority of my childhood free time was spent in the kitchen with my lovely auntie where she taught me the magical wonders of cooking: an ignition to my cooking interest. Whenever I had free time from homework or riding my favorite yellow tricycle, I would be assisting my auntie in the kitchen with her wonderful cooking sessions that leave a long-lasting impression, imprinted deep in to my childhood memories just as if it had happened yesterday.


Cooking has always been important activity in people’s live. It plays an important role in connecting us to our loved ones whether its breakfast, lunch, supper, or dinner. No matter how the food is prepared, the taste would always be wonderful because it was prepared and cooked from our hearts to serve the ones we love.  The story here is simple: You have a family, and you cook for them. Family will always be my greatest passion and inspiration as a Master Chef for my family and guests. Although I am not a chef by education or profession, I pledge to serve and cook for all my guests with all of my heart and the best of my abilities. I hope you will enjoy eating here in my house. For through food we are connected, and through food we are like a family. Let us serve you with the best.
                                                      PATAPlantation Restaurant
                                                   “The Art of Eating Experience”



WE, PATAPLANTATION team who overwhelmed with passion to bring our customers happiness with our clean ,  delicious food and  excellent service at reasonable price.

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The Art of eating experience


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